HeatFlex Sanitary

Pre-insulated flexible pipe system for hot potable water supply applications

Tubo preisolato flessibile HeatFlex Sanitario

Technical Properties

  Peak temperature +95 °C
  Operating temperature +80 °C
  PUR thermal cond 0.021 W/mK
  Operating Pmax 10 bar
  Configuration single or duo pipe

Preinsulated flexible pipe systems made of cross-linked polyethylene core pipe and polyurethane insulation for hot potable water supply applications.

Advantages of HeatFlex Sanitary system include: quick and convenient installation, narrow pipe trench and tight bending radius of the flexible bonded system.

HeatFlex Sanitary carrier pipe is made of PEX-a SDR7.4 guaranteeing maximum pressure of 10 bar at 80°C continuous working temperature.

This highly efficient pipe system boats an outstanding thermal conductivity value of 0.021 W/mK.

HeatFlex Sanitary is the best solution for:

  • Revamping of residential heating systems with underground drinking water networks
  • Cooling systems with chilled water for food use

Product Range

HeatFlex S
Service Pipe
OD x s [mm]
Casing Pipe
OD [mm]
20/76 20.0 x 2.8 76 870
25/76 25.0 x 3.5 76 870
32/76 32.0 x 4.4 91 550
40/91 40.0 x 5.5 91 550
50/111 50.0 x 6.9 111 410
63/126 63.0 x 8.7 126 300

Product Range DUO

HeatFlex S
Service Pipe
D x s [mm]
Casing Pipe
OD [mm]
25+20/91 25.0 x 4.0
20.0 x 2.8
91 550
32+20/111 32.0 x 4.4
20.0 x 2.8
111 410
40+25/126 40.0 x 3.7
25.0 x 4.0
126 300
50+32/162 50.0 x 6.9
32.0 x 4.4
162 150
63+32/162 63.0 x 5.8
32.0 x 4.4
162 150


Raccordi a serraggio meccanico e a compressione assiale per sistemi HeatFlex e HeatFlex SanitarioHeatFlex pipes are connected using press or clamp connectors of different configurations (weld adaptors, couplers, elbows, tees).

The installation of the press connector requires the pipe end to be expanded before placing the metal insert into the pipe; this is followed by the compression of the outer sleeve onto the pipe’s outer surface with use of an industry-standard PEX press tool.

To install the clamp connector no need for pipe end to be expanded is required: the fittings installation is done with use of a conventional nut driver without the need for any special tooling.

Insulation of the Joints

KIT rigidi di ripristino dell'isolamentoThe foaming of pipe joints is made with insulation shells of different configurations:
– straight piece
– elbow 90°
– tee branch

The sealing of the joint against water and humidity penetrations is guaranteed by special lateral gaskets perfectly fit to the external corrugated casing of the pipe.

These insulation shells are quick and easy to install without the need for special tooling.

Reference Standards

ZG 200-1 Flexible pre-insulated pipe systems for district heating networks with bonded thermoplastic service pipe
EN 15632-2 District heating pipes – Pre-insulated flexible pipe systems – Part 2: Bonded plastic service pipes – Requirements and test methods
EN 15875-2
Plastics piping systems for hot and cold water installations – Crosslinked polyethylene (PE-X) – Part 2: Pipes
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